Dekretem Biskupa Filipa z dnia 24 marca 2020, kościół i kaplice zostają zamknięte. Więcej szczegółów podajemy poniżej.

Further Measures
in Response to the Challenge of the Coronavirus


In response to new government restrictions for the sake of public health and safety, the following measures are to be put in place with immediate effect. These measures are to be read in conjunction with those put in place by the Decree of 19th March 2020, and in some cases modify or supersede them.

1. Churches. All churches and chapels in the Diocese of Portsmouth are to be closed with immediate effect until further notice. Priests will continue to say a daily Mass but without the faithful present.

2. Baptisms. Baptisms are to be deferred until a time when the government signals that people can gather again safely. In danger of death, baptisms may be celebrated privately with the necessary hygiene precautions and with strictly limited attendance.

3. Matrimony. Weddings are to be deferred until a time when the government signals that people can gather again safely.

4. Sacraments to the Sick and the Dying. It may no longer be possible to administer the Sacraments upon request except to those in danger. Visits by the clergy to such people, especially when in care homes and hospitals, will need to follow the advice of those on infection control.

The Further Guidelines attached to the Decree of 19th March 2020, even if modified in the light of the latest government advice, remain in place, especially the need for the laity to avail themselves of alternatives to attending Mass, the necessity of prayer, concern for the needy and the importance of materially supporting the Church.
Given on this 24th March 2020.

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